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We offer strategic business development services utilising thorough internal and external examination to optimise your success potential. We build on your success to-date and propel your business growth through strategic, innovative thinking.

Our core expertise is on Bid Writing, Review and Management steering your proposals towards success.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Trust

Buyers & Suppliers Services

We offer services to buyers preparing bids for public or private competitions and
we can help suppliers respond to buyer's requests in preparing detailed accurate response bids.

Bid Management

Leading a bid from the initial stages of receipt of an ITT, RFP, RFT or PQQ, identifying a strategy and implementing this right through to submission of the completed bid.

Bid Support

Integrating into your bid team, adding value developing specific areas and offering critical appraisal of required elements of a bid.

Bid Writing

Integrating into your bid team drafting specific sections for the required written elements of a bid.

Bid Planning

Utilising project management practices, tools and experience, clearly identifying tasks and timelines to ensure bids are complete ahead of schedule to ensure ample reviewing time.

Bid / Contract Negotiations

Utilising contract negotiations experience and knowledge to aid in the conversion of a bid to a live contract that offers the best terms possible to you and your Client for a successful, collaborative working relationship.

Business Management & Development

We help you respond to buyer's requests in preparing detailed accurate response bids.

Design Management

Leading your design team, or managing the interface between multiple design teams, to ensure a strong design is established that is structured towards winning tender competitions, optimised project delivery,    being innovative and reducing HSQE risks.

Project Management

Project Management, direction and oversight from Design to Construction, managing Tender, Programme, Cost, Quality and H&S to optimise project outcomes, including constructability analysis and reporting. 

Asset Management & Development

Managing your asset base to optimise the return for your investment using the best Asset Management techniques to ensure strategic and sustainable investment.

Business Review, Direction, Organisation & Strategy Development

Reviewing your business with you to establish your vision, mission, values and goals. Documenting what you want to achieve and utilising tools, processes and frameworks to set you on the path to achieving this. This involves internal and external analysis on you and your environment, its aim is for you to be more strategic in how or where you operate.

We help you organise your business structure and operations for efficient, scalable business development.

Commercial Management

Structuring your pre-bid commercial approach to maximise your potential while still offering your Client value. This involves detailed assessment of contract T&Cs and pricing delivery models.

Commercial Estimation (Water & Wastewater, Process, MEICA)

Pricing your projects based on designs or concepts to come up with accurate bid costs and valuations.

MEICA: Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Control & Automation

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